Pitt killing itself with turnovers

PITTSBURGH -- The reason I picked West Virginia to beat Pittsburgh is because I thought the Panthers would make more mistakes. So far, that's looking true.

Pitt already has three turnovers this half, including fumbles by tailbacks Ray Graham and Dion Lewis. Graham has struggled with ball security in his young career and it's disappointing to see him lose another fumble in a big game.

The Panthers are otherwise dominating the stats, allowing just one first down to West Virginia before the third turnover. But two of those turnovers have led to touchdowns, and the Mountaineers lead 14-7. Pitt is lucky to be that close.

The Mountaineers have had their own share of mistakes, including a roughing-the-punter penalty and a false start as they were going for it on 4th and inches. But they haven't given the ball away like Pitt.

Neither of these teams looks especially BCS-worthy today. Pittsburgh has only itself to blame if it loses the Big East now.