Big East coaches' salaries

USA Today has come out with its annual survey of college football coaches' salaries, so let's take a look at where the Big East headset-wearers check in, from highest-paid to lowest:

Greg Schiano, Rutgers: $2 million

Skip Holtz, South Florida: $1.7 million

Charlie Strong, Louisville: $1.6 million

Randy Edsall, Connecticut: $1.55 million

Butch Jones, Cincinnati: $1.015 million

Dave Wannstedt, Pittsburgh: $1.01 million

Bill Stewart, West Virginia: $933,000

(Some important notes: Doug Marrone's salary is not subject to public records because Syracuse is a private school. Connecticut declined to release information about additional compensation Edsall receives from a shoe/apparel contract and his annual camp. Wannstedt's salary is from a federal tax return and not from his contract.)

Wannstedt made plenty of money from the NFL and didn't need an exorbitant salary; if the Panthers go after a big-time coordinator or established head coach, they may need to pay more in the range of what Louisville and South Florida dished out for their first-year head coaches.

Finally, a cheeky stat for the seven guys whose salary is known: 2010 wins per dollar made

Stewart: $103,6666 per win

Wannstedt $144,285 per win

Edsall: $193,750 per win

Holtz: $242,857 per win

Jones: $253,750 per win

Strong: $266,666 per win

Schiano: $500,000 per win