Could TCU open up Texas recruiting base?

ESPN Recruiting's Jamie Newberg takes a look today at how the addition of TCU to the Big East could affect recruiting for the league.

Obviously, having a pathway to an automatic BCS bid now helps the Horned Frogs immensely as they make pitches to prospects. It could also mean that Big East schools benefit from the exposure in Texas and start signing players from that talent-rich area.

"I can't speak for the other schools in our league but I think we are going to try and take advantage of it," Syracuse coach Doug Marrone told Newberg.

My take: I think that this could open doors for a few prospects here and there, but it's certainly not going to open any floodgates. The best players in Texas will still go to Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma, and the idea of playing in the East Coast probably will not be that appealing to many of them.

But any extra pipeline can help. West Virginia got quarterback Jeremy Johnson out of Texas last year, though he quickly got homesick and ended up transferring. A more successful example is Louisville starting center Mario Benavides, who's from Los Fresno, Texas.

Big East coaches now have some additional recruiting tapes to comb through.