AD Luck: Big East title will go through TCU

West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck gave his thoughts on the Bill Stewart/Dana Holgorsen dynamic on Thursday, and those were fascinating enough. But there was also another part of what Luck said that caught my attention.

Luck mentioned that one of the reasons for the change was that he thought the Big East was about to get a whole lot tougher, mostly because of the addition of TCU in 2012.

"We need to respond to that and prepare ourselves, because I believe that eventually the road to the Big East championship will go through Fort Worth," Luck said. "And we need to be prepared to beat a team like TCU on the road to win a Big East championship and get into national championship consideration."

Luck said he thought TCU would open up recruiting in Texas for West Virginia, and Holgorsen has had extensive time recruiting and working in that area.

There's another season to play (not to mention this bowl season) before TCU comes on board. But it sounds like the Horned Frogs are already influencing the way some league schools think.