Syracuse's Rob Long needs more treatment

Syracuse punter Rob Long will need further treatment on his brain tumor after doctors found malignant cells in the area during a follow-up Monday.

Long had surgery Dec. 14 to remove what was described as a benign tumor. He was hopeful then that the problem was behind him after that operation.

There aren't many scarier words in the English language than malignant, so let's hope and pray that things work out for the best for Long. He provided another update Tuesday through the Syracuse athletic department. It reads as follows:

To my friends and supporters:

On December 20, in a post-operation follow-up after the removal of a brain tumor, pathology performed on the tissue revealed that there were malignant cells remaining that will require further medical treatment.

This is obviously a difficult time for my family and me. However, we remain optimistic and positive toward a favorable outcome to this situation. I believe that I am in the best hands with a team of Oncologists and together we will continue to fight and persevere through this until I am back to full health.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support.