Ex-USF recruit's grades questioned

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

Some excellent reporting by the Tampa Tribune's Brett McMurphy may explain the mystery behind why South Florida offensive line recruit Kamran Joyer was released from his scholarship.

According to McMurphy's story, South Florida has asked school officials to explain "an unusual number" of grade changes for a recent recruit from Wesley Chapel High School. While not specifically named, Joyer is the only one who fits that description. The NCAA is also investigating the situation.

"On Tuesday, [Joyer's father] said his son was denied admission because a USF committee that reviews academic records would not accept the grades in classes his son retook. He said his son retook four courses – two online and two through Pasco's adult education program – and he was unaware of the investigations into his son's transcript.

When USF officials became suspicious, they pulled a sample of transcripts from other Wesley Chapel applicants and found nothing similar to the nine grade changes."

McMurphy reports that Joyer's transcript shows that his grade in a biology course was changed from a D to a B, among other changes.

Joyer, who is 6-foot-3 and 300 pounds, has been cleared academically by the NCAA and is expected to sign with Louisville.