Edsall calls for recruiting changes

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

Connecticut coach Randy Edsall did a Q&A with The Sporting News' Dave Curtis, and Edsall used the opportunity to rail against the way college football recruiting has gone.

"I really believe that recruiting has gotten to the point where it's gotten out of hand, and unless the NCAA does something, you're going to ruin a lot of kids. ... If the NCAA really wants to practice what it preaches with all this academic stuff, why do they let people offer scholarships to kids before you have all the information to know where they are academically after their junior year? People are offering scholarships to kids that aren't close to getting into school or qualifying. They talk about the APR and all this stuff, and then they don't do anything to back up what they're out there promoting."

Edsall went on to say that he doesn't think schools should be able to offer scholarships to players until the summer of their senior year in high school.

"We don't have that right now, and what we are teaching kids is that our word doesn't mean anything. A kid commits and de-commits, and people go back at them, and you say, 'Well, that's the way it is.' What kind of values are we teaching young people? If you don't start this process until they're seniors, and they don't have offers, kids can take official visits. You wouldn't need a December signing period. I've brought it up, and I'm trying to get things talked about."

As a member of the NCAA Football Rules Committee and someone who is highly respected among his peers, Edsall has some influence on these issues. Whether he could get other coaches to go along with such recruiting restrictions is questionable, since everybody is looking for an edge.

It would be hard to say Edsall doesn't practice what he preaches. He has been a very diligent recruiter, unearthing gems with underrated players that he clearly has researched and evaluated extensively. UConn has only two commitments so far for 2010, far fewer than most other schools at this time of year.

Edsall also criticizes the amount of secondary violations schools are getting away with and the practice of holding elite camps on campus.

There's a lot of interesting stuff in there, and it's worth your time to read.