Rutgers to play ball at Yankee Stadium

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

Army and Rutgers announced today they will play at Yankee Stadium on Nov. 12, 2011.

It will be the second-ever college football game at the 1-year-old baseball park. Army will play Notre Dame there next season.

While the second game won't draw nearly as much attention and curiosity as the first, this still seems like a good opportunity for Rutgers. It will be Army's home game, so the Scarlet Knights don't have to give up a date at Rutgers Stadium. It should be a fairly easy trip into the city for fans and a chance to watch a game in a unique setting (though going to West Point is a great experience in its own right). And it will provide exposure in New York City, which Rutgers is working to make its home base.

The Home News Tribune's Keith Sargeant did yeoman's work in transcribing quotes from head coach Greg Schiano and athletic director Tim Pernetti from today's news conference. I thought this bit, from Schiano, was the most interesting part:

"I can say it in two words: Ray Rice. He was a very important player to us and to our program. He was great for us, and for the New York area. And for recruiting, to put your program in a venue like this, we take great pride in recruiting the best players in a three-hour circle of our institution. And this falls about 25, 30 minutes from us depending on the train schedules and that sort of thing.”

Army will play Air Force at Yankee Stadium in 2012 and Boston College in 2014. That leaves open 2013, when Rutgers could possibly be back in the mix for a game against the Black Knights.

Syracuse has also been mentioned as a possible team that could play in the stadium, but the Orange were absent from today's discussion of future games.