Mailbag extra: Where are these guys?

One extra question from the mailbag today, on a topic that's of great interest to Louisville fans:

Bobby from Hartford, Ky., writes: Brian, I was just wondering what ever happened to Demar Dorsey and Jordan Campbell? Are they still in the CARDS, or have they moved on?

Brian Bennett: Campbell and Dorsey were two guys who caused great excitement for Louisville fans last summer. But it looks doubtful at this point whether either will ever suit up for Charlie Strong.

Campbell, a linebacker who took advantage of a special waiver from the NCAA to transfer immediately from USC, never made it on the field in 2010. And team sources say that Campbell is no longer enrolled in school and is back in California. His relationship with Teague Egan, a USC student who is registered with the NFL Players Association as a financial adviser, came under question this fall. Campbell was once listed as a partner in Egan's business on the firm's website until that was scrubbed from the site.

(And as an aside, was there a bigger non-story in the Big East this year than the USC transfers? Cincinnati's Vidal Hazelton only played a little more than a half before getting hurt, UConn's D.J. Shoemate was practically invisible after some early costly fumbles and Campbell had no impact at all).

Dorsey was one of the nation's top defensive back recruits last year, but after he was denied admission to Michigan he pledged his services to Louisville. Dorsey never did gain his eligibility for the Cardinals this fall either and is not enrolled for the spring semester. It appears that he may have to go the junior college route.

Both players could have helped Louisville, but the Cardinals are moving on without them.