Reviewing the Big East '07 classes, Part II

Here's the continuation of our review of the 2007 Big East recruiting classes. Read Part I here.


2007 signees: 22

Stars (2): OL Anthony Davis, S Joe Lefeged

Contributors (11): LB Manny Abreu, OL Desmond Stapleton, RB Joe Martinek, RB Mason Robinson, RB Jourdan Brooks (transferred), OL Caleb Ruch, OL Desmond Wynn, DE Alex Silvestro, DE Jonathan Freeny, K San San Te, DL Justin Francis

Where are they now? (9): OL Richard Muldrow, DE Jameil Farrington, WR Robinson Alexis, OL Edwin Alvarez, CB Al-Majid Hutchins, OL Keith Newell, DT Wayne Thomas, TE Fabian Ruiz, DE Al-Ghaffar Lane

South Florida

2007 signees: 28

Stars (4): DT Terrell McClain, C Sampson Genus, WR Dontavia Bogan, LB Tyrone McKenzie (juco)

Contributors (10): RB Mike Ford (dismissed), DE Patrick Hampton, DL Keith McCaskill, FB Richard Kelly, OL Jeremiah Warren, DB Quenton Washington, DL Claude Davis (went to junior college first), WR Patrick Richardson, CB Tyson Butler, LB Donte Spires

Where are they now? (14): QB Alton Voss, OT Thomas Edenfield, LB Calvin Sutton, WR Josh Bellamy (went to junior college then Louisville), DT Kyle Dampier, DE David Fonua, RB Rickey Anderson, DT Corian Garrison, OT Lawrence McCoy, TE Kavenski McGee, TE Mike McGowan, WR Darren Powe, S Charlton Sinclair, ATH Carlton Hill


2007 signees: 27

Stars (1): LB Doug Hogue

Contributors (14): DT Bud Tribbey, S Max Suter, DB Da'Mon Merkerson, TE Cody Catalina, S Ryan Gillum, TE Nick Provo, WR Van Chew, DB Mike Holmes, P Rob Long, DB Kevyn Scott, DL Ollie Haney, LB Mike Mele (transferred), S Randy McKinnon, DE Chad Battles

Where are they now? (12): WR Andrey Baskin, RB Jamere Knox, QB David LeGree, S Jovan Miller, QB Chaz Cervino, DE Lou Falzone, DE Lamar Middleton, LB Jermaine Pierce, DE Darnell Pratt, DE Zary Stewart, OT Josh White, CB Ryan Howard.

West Virginia

2007 signees: 27

Stars (5): RB Noel Devine, RB Jock Sanders, CB Brandon Hogan, DE Julian Miller, CB Keith Tandy

Contributors (8): LB Pat Lazear, S Sidney Glover, DB Eain Smith, S Ellis Lankster, TE Will Johnson, WR Bradley Starks, OT Donnie Barclay, OT Chad Snodgrass

Where are they now? (15): QB Charlie Russell, DT Asa Chapman, WR Andrew Harris, S Evan Rodriguez, DT Junius Lewis, S Vance Harris, LB Derek Knight, WR Charles Matthews, WR Tarus McKinely, S Kendall Washington, OT Gino Gradkowski, CB P.J. Shirdan, LB Archie Sims, CB Tony Wood, RB Terrence Kerns.


Using these numbers -- and again, this is far from an exact science -- teams got contributors or stars from about 60 percent of their recruiting classes. The highest batting averages in the 2007 class for that came from UConn (69 percent) and Pitt (68 percent). UConn and West Virginia got the highest number of star players by my definition, and four years later those two teams were the top teams in the Big East. Several of those who were classified as contributors didn't finish their careers or had minimal impact on the field.

Even the best classes had several misses, and the top players were not always the highest-rated recruits. More food for thought as we approach signing day.