Top villains in college football

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett
The Big East has its share of villains, but some figures prompt so much disdain that they supersede mere conference affiliation. Here is my list of the five biggest villains in all of college football today:

1. Notre Dame: You either love the Irish or you hate them. Many fans choose the latter. The Golden Domers' sweetheart TV and BCS deals and lack of a conference make them a lightning rod for controversy. That will only get more intense if Notre Dame manages to make a BCS game this season by piling up wins against a soft schedule.

2. The Big 10, the Pac-10 and the Rose Bowl: There is no bigger obstacle to a playoff or even a plus-one system than this nostalgia-drunk relationship. Both leagues refuse to do anything that would hurt the "sanctity" of their Rose Bowl affiliations, denying the sport of a true champion and instead offering us year after year of USC blowing out some overmatched Big Ten team.

3. Ohio State: Sorry to beat up on the Big Ten, but every time the Buckeyes climb the polls, the rest of America winces. Too many recent no-shows on college football's biggest stages have left the Buckeyes as the one team the nation doesn't want to see anywhere near a BCS title game.

4. Tim Tebow: As admirable as Tebow is in many, many ways, it's also true that a sizable portion of college football fans can't stand the guy. That's what happens when you're ridiculously successful and popular -- and you keep beating everybody else's teams.

5. Lane Kiffin: He's yet to coach a single college game, yet the first-year Tennessee head man has already become the sport's signature brat. Why do we get the feeling that's exactly what he wants?