Many roster changes at Rutgers this spring

Rutgers needed to shake things up after a 4-8 season. And the Scarlet Knights will see plenty of change this spring.

Head coach Greg Schiano announced several position changes on Tuesday afternoon. Here's a list of the big moves:

  • Linebacker Manny Abreu will go to defensive end.

  • Safety Khaseem Greene will now play linebacker.

  • Middle linebacker Steve Beauharnais will shift to the strongside spot where Abreu played last year.

  • Ka'Lail Glaud will start the spring as the No. 1 middle linebacker.

  • Jordan Thomas, who led the team in rushing as a freshman, will go to cornerback.

  • Jeremy Deering, a receiver who was effective in the Wildcat at times last season, will be a full-time running back.

  • Joe Martinek, who led the team in rushing two years ago, is now a fullback.

  • Cornerbacks David Rowe and Rashad Knight have gone to safety.

Whew. That's a whole lot of moves. The Thomas/Deering/Martinek switches are the most interesting to me. Putting Martinek and Thomas in other spots seems to indicate that incoming freshman Savon Huggins will have a big role right away.

The spring is a good time to see if these moves pay off. And after last year, change is a good thing.