Weather wreaking havoc on Big East spring

Complaining about the weather this spring is pretty much a national pastime. I'm pretty sure it has rained every minute of the past three weeks where I live.

The weather seems particularly bad in Big East land this spring. And it's messing up some practice schedules.

Rutgers had to cancel its Saturday scrimmage and go indoors because of bad weather. The Scarlet Knights will try to scrimmage again on Tuesday, just a few days before their spring game. In their previous scrimmage, it was so windy and wet that quarterback Chas Dodd went just 3-of-19 passing.

West Virginia slogged through a cold, wet scrimmage last Friday that appeared to affect the offense and the kicking game. Tyler Bitancurt missed two short field goals.

The teams that had their spring games two weeks ago didn't have it any better. Rain and wind affected UConn, Pitt and Cincinnati, keeping crowds low and miserable. Louisville got a little luckier playing on a Friday night, though it looked like a monsoon would hit that afternoon.

Thank goodness for indoor facilities. Weather seems like yet another advantage for teams in the South during spring practice. You wonder if some of the Big East teams that are trying to make major changes to their offense (Pitt, West Virginia, UConn, Rutgers) are suffering a bit from the inability to work consistently outside because of the conditions.

Maybe every league team should just build a dome like Syracuse.