Big East per-school draft numbers just fine

How did the Big East fare in the NFL draft compared to other BCS conferences? The breakdown looks like this:

1. SEC: 38

2. ACC: 35

3. Pac-10: 31

4. Big 12: 30

5. Big Ten: 29

6. Big East: 22

(Note: Nebraska and Colorado are still part of the Big 12 for these purposes).

But as we've noted here in the past, it's unfair to look at these total number type of stats when comparing an eight-team league like the Big East to 10- and 12-team conferences. So here's how those numbers look if you calculate draftees per league school:

1. SEC: 3.17

2. Pac-10: 3.1

3. ACC: 2.92

4. Big East: 2.75

5. Big Ten: 2.64

6. Big 12: 2.5

I think we can all agree this wasn't the strongest draft class the Big East has produced in recent years (and we can all agree to wonder what in the heck the ACC is doing with all that talent). Still, the league has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to churning out draft picks relevant to its number of teams.