Rutgers releases new depth chart

Rutgers has released its post-spring depth chart, and the two-deep reveals some serious competition at some key spots this summer.

Greg Schiano has three players -- Jeremy Deering, De'Antwan Williams and Jawan Jamison -- listed as tied for the first-string running back job. And that doesn't even count incoming freshman Savon Huggins, a much-hyped recruit.

There's also a tie at tight end, where sophomore Paul Carrezola has moved into a dead heat with incumbent starter D.C. Jefferson. Both cornerback spots also have co-starter situations, with Logan Ryan and Marcus Cooper battling on one side and Brandon Jones and Mason Robinson doing so on the other.

David Osei is now the starting center after Dallas Hendrickson's season-ending knee injury. The rest of the offensive line has Andre Civil at left tackle, Desmond Stapleton at right tackle and Antwan Lowery and Desmond Wynn at the guard spots. Caleb Ruch is listed as the backup at both center and right guard.

True freshman Djwany Mera has worked his way up to second string on the defensive line.