West Virginia beer sale vote tomorrow

West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck probably had no idea he was about to start a firestorm when he proposed the idea of selling beer during football games to the Board of Governors.

The response has been overwhelmingly negative.

Now the vote is up to the Board of Governors, which will decide tomorrow during its meeting whether or not to go through with the plan. Luck decided to bring the idea to the board, believing sales inside the stadium would curb the binge drinking outside the stadium during tailgates. But many fans who voiced their opinion during a 30-day window for comments to the Board reject that idea.

Many believe fans are already unruly and alcohol sales would make the situation worse. Some suggest increasing security outside the stadium to avoid fans smuggling alcohol in. One wrote that allowing beer sales in the stadium would foster the negative stereotype that West Virginia is a party school. Some believe Luck is just trying to profit off the beer sales.

There also are those who believe that an institution of higher education should not approve of alcohol sales on university property. There are some 30 NCAA institutions that already allow beer sales at their stadiums, so West Virginia would not be the first. In fact, five of the eight Big East schools allow it -- Cincinnati, Connecticut, Louisville, USF and Syracuse.

You just have to wonder whether the Board is going to listen to the feedback it received from fans. You can read some of that feedback from the Board of Governors Web site.