Eric LeGrand keeps making progress

Rutgers defensive tackle Eric LeGrand has been active on Twitter, keeping his followers up to date as he works hard to walk again. Last night, there was another sign of progress. LeGrand tweeted:

"Twitches going throughout the body, coming back."

Then later he added: "Thank you for the support, praise God, he is working a miracle. I'll be back."

This is obviously terrific news for LeGrand, who was paralyzed from the shoulders down after making a tackle last year against Army. Last week, LeGrand led the parade of athletes into the stadium for the Special Olympics in New Jersey and also addressed the crowd. He spoke with ScarletReport.com at the event and gave an update on his progress, saying, "I’m a lot better now. I can move my arm out to the side. I can move it about 45 degrees to the right and about 30 degrees to the left. I have a lot more movement now."

When LeGrand was first hurt, doctors said he would never come off a ventilator and never walk again. LeGrand is off the ventilator, eating solid foods and trying to be an inspiration as he recovers to one day walk again.

“It’s just something you have to believe in,” LeGrand said. “It’s not about how fast I’m going or how slow because I know there is a plan for me and I’m following it. I have made tremendous progress already, but I still have a long journey."

ScarletReport also asked LeGrand for his opinion on coach Greg Schiano's proposal to eliminate kickoffs to improve player safety. LeGrand was injured on a kickoff.

“It’s something he thought about a lot and I thought about that, too,” LeGrand said. “Safety is the most important thing. But when I played, that was my thing. That's what I was best at. I loved being a part of that special-teams unit."

If you want to follow LeGrand and keep updated on his progress, he is @BigE52_RU.