Q&A: WVU receiver Tyler Urban

I had a chance to catch up with West Virginia receiver Tyler Urban, and we discussed his transition from tight end to receiver. Urban is listed as No. 1 on the depth chart at Y-receiver, ahead of Wake Forest transfer Devon Brown. Here is a little of what Urban had to say:

AA: What do you think when you hear fans talking about you as an impact player for 2011?

TU: As an offense, we have a lot of impact weapons. We have Tavon [Austin], Stedman [Bailey]. My role change has been a little different, so I guess they see me in more of an impact role. But we have a lot of weapons on this offense I feel.

AA: How do you feel about the move to receiver?

TU: At first, I was hesitant about it. I wasn't sure about it. After working through spring ball, I felt more and more comfortable in trying to learn the position and embrace it with open arms.

AA: Why were you hesitant?

TU: With Coach [Dana] Holgorsen’s offense, I knew there wasn't much of a role for a tight end. He talked to me within a couple weeks of being here, and he told me I could play in this offense. Through spring ball, the reps I got and the production made me more comfortable.

AA: What has been the hardest adjustment?

TU: Everything before was from a 3-point stance from the line of scrimmage. Now I’m out in open spaces running routes way more often than doing blocking. I’m not blocking down on a defensive end or anything. There’s a lot more contact, but I felt good during the spring. I’m still working on it. I saw some areas I need to improve during spring ball.

AA: How much help are you getting from the other receivers?

TU:We work together at least three times a week, all the receivers are working together. Tavon, we have two much different playing styles. He's the speedy inside receiver, I'm more the post-up bigger inside receiver. I can't compare too much with him, but they've been giving me tips on basic route running, watching how they release off the ball or how they extend their routes. I’m more watching them and learning. I’m also working with some of the younger quarterbacks, probably four times a week and just getting reps every day, doing as much as I can on top of 7-on-7.

AA: What else do you have to work on this summer?

TU: I still have to work on being comfortable in space. It’s just something I am going to have to get used to. Spring ball helped me with that, and I want to increase my speed as much as I can.

AA: What do you think of the high expectations people have for this offense?

TU: It's definitely exciting,. It's exciting to have that buzz around WV football again. Now we have to wait until September to prove it, and we'll try to take it from there.