Summer job: Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib

Football players have so much to do during the summer, it is rare for them to find the time for a job or an internship. But we found a few Big East players who have somehow managed to juggle classes, workouts and a summer job. This is the next post in our little "summer vacation" series.

When you are a double major in finance and accounting, you need all the real-time experience you can get to help prepare you for what awaits in the business world.

Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib has gotten that and more. For the third straight summer, Nassib is working an internship with Leigh Baldwin & Co., an investment banking firm with a branch in Syracuse. He isn’t able to trade or sell, but he can learn from the brokers, do research for them and assist in whatever they need.

That could mean transferring clients for a new broker, updating the company’s website, writing blog posts on companies that are either up or down or even taking phone calls.

“I just try to keep my ear into what the brokers do, whether it how they get a client, seeing how they make a trade or learning different ways of managing portfolios,” Nassib said in a phone interview.

As for the real-life experience he has received by going back to the firm every summer, Nassib said, “They can tell you how to deal with a client or what it takes to manage a client and the stuff that needs to get done. When you’re working an internship, you realize this is real money and someone's livelihood right here. They're trusting you with their investments or their life savings and it’s your job to do everything by the book and get it done the right way for your clients.

“It’s also different from the numbers standpoint, how to judge different stocks, different companies. You get it from a real-life perspective, not just a textbook.”

The investment firm has had a history of working with Syracuse football players. Nassib knew he wanted an internship when he came into Syracuse as a finance major. Every summer, he has gone into the internship with a little more knowledge.

He just started up again this week after finishing up summer classes. Typically, Nassib will go to football workouts at about 7 a.m. Then he works Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is back on campus for more workouts at 4 p.m. Focusing on the internship rather than classes and the job has helped tremendously with being able to find a balance.

Now Nassib has to figure out what he wants to do. He still isn’t sure what direction he wants to go -- either as a broker or a CPA. His academic plan is to continue on to graduate school, but he has time to decide on a future career.

The experience at the internship certainly helps.