EA Sports: Louisville to Orange Bowl

The fine folks at EA Sports have released the newest edition of "College Football 2012," which I know has been a hot topic of conversation over the past week. EA Sports already has simulated the entire season -- including bowl games. So how did things turn out for the Big East?

Louisville is the winner of the league, taking on Florida State in the Orange Bowl. Check out the video highlights for yourself. If you are at work or do not have the time, here is a brief summary of what happens in the EA Sports game simulation.

Victor Anderson ends up with 88 yards rushing and a touchdown. The quarterback for Louisville is ... Will Stein. He throws a crucial interception late in the game that helps the Seminoles win 34-16.

Louisville clearly has some video game studs. I have not seen any preseason prognosticator pick the Cardinals to win the league. In fact, there are so many questions surrounding the team, they are one of the biggest wild cards in the league. Stein and Teddy Bridgewater are competing for the starting quarterback job; the offensive line is replacing four starters; and the secondary has some major uncertainty.

But Charlie Strong certainly impressed in Year 1. We shall see if the EA Sports season simulation becomes reality for the Cardinals.