Big East mailblog

Welcome to your Friday mailblog. As you read this, I will be high in the sky headed to my Week 1 destination. You guys are really smart. I am sure you can figure out where I will be checking in from tomorrow at 10 a.m. on our GameDay chat. Be sure to join me then. I have got a 30 minute window and would love some Big East questions!

One housekeeping note: Some of you wondered where the in-game blogging was last night. We decided a wrap-up post first thing in the morning would be best for the mid-week games. There definitely will be in-game blogging on Saturday games and Top 25 games. You will see plenty of that tomorrow. If you want to chat with me, I was on Twitter during all three games last night and am happy to correspond. Find me @espn_bigeast.

One correction: Thanks to my wonderfully kind, tactful and understanding USF fans who so sweetly have reminded me of the mistake I made in a post yesterday. So you guys are not the USF Knights? Well, this is news to me. Obviously, I feel like a goof and fixed the error when it was brought to my attention. I keep giving you guys so many reasons to love me!

Now on to some questions ...

Oliver in Philadelphia writes: So... do you think the Big East was watching the Temple-Villanova beatdown and saying "Oh gosh, we got rid of THAT team and tried to get THAT team instead?"

Andrea Adelson: Oliver, I like your wit my friend. Your cleverness gets you four gold stars. But neither team gets a Big East invite.

Dan J in N.J., writes: Hey AA, I was very pleased with a lot of what I saw from RU last night (taking it with a grain of salt since they were playing an FCS school). That being said I noticed that Greg Schiano used a lot of his depth chart going two deep and sometimes 3 deep. Is that something he plans to do a lot, or is it more so getting to see guys in action in a real football game in a low risk situation vs. an FCS school?

Adelson: Schiano said he wanted to get his young players as much game experience as possible, and he could do that with the game out of reach against an overmatched opponent. A perfect example is Gary Nova. Going into the season with a true freshman backup and a starter who does not have a whole lot of starting experience is something that concerned him. So he was able to get Nova some good time in the game and that should help down the line.

John in Dunbar writes:You and others blow my mind, Bosie and TCU better then the top teams in the Big East, why is that, because during the regular they play one AQ team on neutral ground. Your logic blows my mind. I bet TCU first year in the Big East will lose three games.

Adelson: A quick glance at the TCU schedule shows games against six bowl teams and a win in the Rose Bowl in 2010. But would three losses eliminate TCU from a Big East title? UConn lost four last year and won it!

Jordan in Cincinnati writes: I feel that the Big East is in a pickle when it comes to national respect. I know we have to win the huge games against marquee opponents in order to gain the trust of the pundits. But what keeps me up at night is this scenario: Let's assume that USF beats Notre Dame this week. Won't everyone just say, "Well Notre Dame wasn't THAT great after all, I guess" -- instead of giving the Bulls the props they deserve? I feel like all the Big East programs (save WVU/Pitt due to their history) would have to beat the No. 1 team in the land each week in order even make a dent in our horrible reputation. But those teams refuse to even PLAY us (OSU has paid millions of $$ to get out of playing UC b/c it's too high risk to play a non-conference opponent like the Cats). It's like the system won't let us in!!

Adelson: Well I certainly understand what you are saying. But before I respond, it is important to remember that the Big East is in -- as an AQ conference with an automatic spot in a BCS game. That is hugely important. As for the perception, I think anytime a ranked team loses, there is more made of the losing team than the winning one. Nobody said James Madison did a bang up job last year. Instead, they clown on Virginia Tech. That obviously is not the same scenario as USF-Notre Dame. I think with Skip Holtz on the sideline, there could very well be much more credit given to the Bulls than you think. What needs to happen is consistency. As many coaches have stated, wide-open leagues do not get national respect. As for the scheduling issues, I wonder how the eight-team league schedule will impact nonconference scheduling. More marquee games are in order. Now they have to find willing dance partners.