USF up 13-0 after first quarter

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- USF is up on Notre Dame 13-0 after the first quarter. But could it be more?

Debate this among yourselves. USF had the ball with three tries at the Notre Dame 5-yard line to punch it in for a score. Darrell Scott ran it twice down to the 1. On third-and-goal from the 1, B.J. Daniels tried to sneak it in but was stuffed -- a play call that already has been debated.

So what would you do on fourth-and-goal from the goal line? If you go for it and make it, you take a huge 17-0 lead on the road against No. 16 Notre Dame. Storm clouds are rolling in, so the field could get soaked if the rains come. It would be a huge confidence and momentum builder.

But coach Skip Holtz went the conservative route and opted for the short field goal from Maikon Bonani. USF is on the road, after all, so he probably figures you take the points whenever you can get them. We'll see whether that decision ends up having any impact on the game.