Halftime: Vanderbilt 14, UConn 3

Offensive woes have plagued UConn in the first half of its game against Vanderbilt. The Huskies have not been able to generate much from their three quarterbacks and that has hurt.

Johnny McEntee started the game again and has thrown two interceptions. Vanderbilt scored one play after the first interception to go up 7-3. The Commodores added to the lead with a 40-yard run later in the quarter.

Connecticut has played McEntee, Scott McCummings and Michael Nebrich but none of them have been effective. UConn actually went up 3-0 on a 72-yard drive to open the game. But after that, the Huskies managed 65 total yards. They are 2-0f-9 on third downs and have 60 total yards passing in the half.

The UConn defense had two bad plays that led to scores. Otherwise, Vandy has not done much on offense, either.