Lane Kiffin, next Syracuse coach?

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

OK, so this is all total speculation because both guys are still currently employed, but Donnie Webb's blog in the Syracuse Post-Standard raises an intriguing idea about Lane Kiffin replacing Greg Robinson as the Orange's next football coach.

Kiffin is rumored to be on the chopping block with the Oakland Raiders, and we all know that Robinson's seat is scorching hot. Here's how Webb makes the connection:

Kiffin, 32, has the USC pedigree that (Syracuse AD Daryl) Gross values. Kiffin was offensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator with the Trojans. And of course, Daryl is the former associate AD at USC. They have a relationship. Kiffin's sudden availability could make him an instant replacement if Gross and the university decide to fire Greg Robinson. In the if, if, if world, Kiffin could get into Syracuse, start recruiting and begin the process of rebuilding the program before every other school gets in the business of hiring and firing coaches toward season's end.

The question I'd have about this scenario is whether Kiffin would be an upgrade over Robinson. Like Robinson, Kiffin has never been a college head coach and has no apparent ties to Syracuse's recruiting areas. And he hasn't won as an NFL coach. So how would this fix things?