Big East in conference power rankings

The Big East remains at No. 7 in the most recent ESPN Stats & Information conference power rankings. Failing to beat teams like LSU and Notre Dame in Week 4 failed to move the needle much for the league.

The Big 12 ranks No. 1, right ahead of the SEC. Keep in mind, ESPN Stats & Info equally weighs the rankings from the AP Poll and a compilation of available BCS computer rankings to determine which conference is the strongest and weakest from top to bottom.

What is interesting is the disparity between the AP ranking and the computer ranking. The AP ranking has the Big East at No. 7. The computer ranking has the Big East at No. 3. Part of the reason there is because computer rankings better analyze the depth of a conference, as opposed to the good teams at the top.

But even the computer rankings show a wide disparity. Only a handful are available now. Colley Matrix, for example, has USF ranked No. 8 and Michigan No. 1; but the Billingsley rankings have USF No. 30 -- five spots behind one-loss West Virginia. Massey has USF at No. 18.

For those keeping track at home, here is the Big East's record against teams from AQ conferences and Notre Dame this year:

vs. ACC: 3-1

vs. Big Ten: 0-1

vs. Big 12: 0-1

vs. Notre Dame: 1-1

vs. Pac-12: 0-1

vs. SEC: 1-3