Should the Big East add Boise State?

One of the hottest and most polarizing teams in college football also has emerged as a possibility for the Big East: the Boise State Broncos.

Just how good a possibility is up for debate. The chances still seem remote right now, but nonetheless the Broncos have sparked debate among league members and fans themselves. Should the Big East add one of the best non-AQs out there as a football-only school?

There are two benefits to adding Boise State: credibility and trying to maintain AQ status. The Broncos would essentially do for the league what TCU would have done had it stayed in the Big East. The Broncos, who have been to two BCS games and are ranked No. 5 in the AP poll, would bring instant credibility to a league that still struggles with perception issues on a national level. Say what you want about the strength of schedule -- Boise State plays solid football, is well coached and is deserving of an opportunity to prove its worth in a bigger conference.

Boise State is not in a recruiting hotbed and does not have as many TV sets as Dallas/Forth Worth. But the main priority here is the stabilization of the league and holding onto its AQ bid for the BCS. Would getting Boise State into the fold increase the chances for the Big East to hold onto the AQ spot? It certainly does not hurt. But one of the biggest unknowns in this entire expansion process is whether it will remain one of the six conferences that automatically gets a spot into the BCS.

The reality is that the Big East has no idea today whether it will remain an AQ conference. That would be the major, and possibly only selling point for a school as far away as Boise State.

Weigh in yourself -- do you want the Big East to add Boise State?