Report: Big East plans invites

The Big East will reportedly invite Boise State, Navy and Air Force to join the league as football-only members, and UCF as a member in all sports.

ESPN's Joe Schad reported that Big East officials were meeting with UCF on Friday. The AP reported that the Big East had plans to double its exit fee to $10 million and then invite the four schools.

After the defections of Pitt, Syracuse and TCU, the Big East currently has six football playing members. The addition of those four schools would bring the league up to 10. Two more could be invited if the league decides to go to 12 teams. Houston, SMU and Temple have been mentioned as possible candidates.

If the exit fees are indeed increased and the four schools accept the invitations, the Big East would be in good shape for survival. The potential addition of Boise State would up its football cred, especially when it comes to hanging onto that all-important automatic qualifying spot into the BCS. That is something that Boise State has long coveted as a non-AQ team that must essentially go undefeated every season to even have a shot at a BCS game.

Of course, potential danger lurks if Missouri decides to leave the Big 12 for the SEC. Louisville and West Virginia have been mentioned as possible candidates for the Big 12. If presented that opportunity, would they leave even if they have to pay an increased exit fee?