Big East mailblog

It's Friday afternoon. That means mailbag time!

Chase in Tampa writes: Andrea, I'm so confused as to why the USF coaching staff continues to call the same style of plays when clearly there's a piece missing. Every game I see tons of bubble screens and halfback draws, but I never see anything new, exciting, or just different. It seems to me that if the offense wasn't so easy to predict USF would have more success! Also, WHY WON'T THEY BENCH BJ?! I understand the argument that he gives us the best chance to win, but it seems like he also gives us the best chance to lose. I never know if he's going to run the ball 10 yards backwards or 10 yards forwards. Give us a change Skip!

Andrea Adelson: A little harsh there on B.J. Daniels, no? He was not the reason USF lost last week, or against Cincinnati for that matter. Maikon Bonani hits his short field goal at the end of regulation and the Bulls win, after Daniels led the team down the field in 30 seconds. The defense gets one stop on the Bearcats in the fourth quarter, and the Bulls win. But I do agree with your point on the predictability of the offense. I believe I said this in another mailbag, but it was surprising to say the least that USF did not try to take advantage of a serious UConn weakness in the secondary. I think part of the problem here is there is not much trust in the young receivers. Look at who USF has out there, now that Sterling Griffin is done for the season. There is nobody with a ton of playmaking experience. The strength of this team remains with a mobile Daniels, and in the backfield when Darrell Scott and Demetris Murray are able to get going.

Adam J in MD writes: Andrea, I am curious what you think about this. There will be a lot of media people looking at who is going to be the next PSU coach, and high on the list is Coach (Greg) Schiano. If you were him, would you take the job? Not only are you stepping into a catastrophic mess with all the allegations, but you are following a true legend. He has a done a very good job building Rutgers. Is this the next step you would take?

Adelson: Adam, I don't even know that Schiano would be on the list. If I am Penn State, I might just go ahead and try to make a clean break with anybody who has been associated with Jerry Sandusky or the program. Of course it is no fault of Schiano's that he coached under somebody accused of sexually abusing young boys. However, if Schiano is on the Penn State list, I would have the same concerns as you. I would not want to step into that situation. But I have no idea what Schiano would do.

Nelson Adams in Clermont, Fla., writes: Do you think a Big East West with Boise State, BYU, Air Force, Houston, SMU, San Diego State in the Western Division and Louisville, Cincy, UConn, Rutgers, USF, UCF, and Navy in the Eastern Division be a stable AQ conference?

Adelson: Nelson, I honestly think there is no way to truly stabilize the conference. Louisville, Cincinnati, UConn and Rutgers have all made overtures to other conferences to try and join up. The Big 12 might be at 10 teams today, but that doesn't mean it is staying at 10 teams. Oklahoma president David Boren said this week that two more teams could be added for 2013. Just a hunch here, but I think Louisville would be next in line. As I wrote a few weeks ago, this is a conference of convenience right now, and I think eventually some of the other teams that remain today will move on. Also keep in mind, there might not even be AQs in the next BCS cycle. Check out what Chuck Neinas told CBSsports.com this week. If that is not a direct shot at the Big East, I don't know what is. Of course, his conference has gerrymandered, too.

John in Charleston, W. Va., writes: With UCF's NCAA football and basketball problems, and the possibility of a finding of Failure of Institutional Control/death penalty, does the Big East still find UCF an attractive candidate for membership?

Adelson: From what I have been told, the NCAA investigation was discussed when Big East representatives met with UCF several weeks ago and does not appear to be a roadblock. UCF president John Hitt said Thursday that he still expected an invite from the Big East.