Oliver Luck takes shots at Big East

West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck took a few shots at the Big East in an interview over the weekend, saying his school was fortunate to be leaving a conference that was sinking.

The Mountaineers have accepted an invitation to join the Big 12, though when exactly they will begin play in their new conference home remains uncertain. In comments to the Charleston Gazette, Luck said: "We were fortunate to get out. We got out when the ship was seriously going down. I mean, only the tip of the sail was showing."

As for the future of the BCS, Luck said his school is in much better position with the Big 12. One of the current proposals for the BCS beyond 2013 is to eliminate automatic qualifiers. Another is for the BCS to arrange a matchup between No. 1 and No. 2 and then have bowls set their own games.

"In my mind, if we do go back to the old system, where conferences realign themselves with bowls, I can't see any of the big bowls wanting Big East teams."

He also said, "It remains to be seen whether we move to that model. But I think that would make our recent move [to the Big 12] all the more valuable."