Big East mailbag

This might be a holiday week, but I am going to squeeze in two mailbags for you guys. You get one today and one tomorrow before we stuff our faces with turkey and watch the Detroit Lions take down the Green Bay Packers. My family can dream, right?

Paul A. Morrison in Laguna Niguel, Calif., writes: You seem to want your cake and eat it too.It appears YOU were off the Rutgers train early in the year and were critical. Now that we're in a position to possibly make it to a bowl you write in w the passive voice about those that chose Rutgers last.What did you predict? I predicted WORST to FIRST. Of course I'm a fan and graduate. But Andrea please have the courtesy to say you blew it like the other naysayers.

Andrea Adelson: I think all Rutgers fans want me to write in blood that I was wrong on the Scarlet Knights. If you have been following this blog, then you know I had them last just like everybody else (see the most recent admission in the power rankings Monday). So I am not really sure what you guys want from me. Maybe if they animated me writing on a chalkboard "I was wrong about Rutgers" over and over, stuck it in the intro to "The Simpsons" and aired it on national television you guys would be happy. Doubt it, though.

Bryan in Cincy writes: Do you find it as inappropriate as I do that Oliver Luck trashed the Big East? For him to say none of the restructured big bowls would want BE teams and they're lucky to get out shouldn't he consider this: West Virginia has not won an outright BE title since 2005 (zero since Cincinnati joined) and they have struggled to win in the BE which has 0 ranked teams and is going to a conference with 5 ranked teams. Sure, West Virginia wins its fair share of games every year, that's undeniable. However, they've proven that they're FAR from a dominating football team and I honestly see them struggling mightily in the Big 12. The one plus side is they'll make more money in the bigger conference, but any hope of ever seeing a BCS game again is long gone.

Adelson: Inappropriate or not, I do think Luck makes a valid point when he says the Big East could be locked out of the big bowl games without an undefeated team. Look at where the league stands today. The Big East might have AQ status, but it is the only of the six conferences without a tie-in to one of the BCS games. That is why UConn got shipped to the Fiesta Bowl last season. Any scenario in which the AQ designation goes away, or the BCS no longer arranges matchups for all its games, is really terrible news for the Big East. If there were no AQs, the Big East would have had no team in a BCS game last year, and most likely none this year.

Cameron in Atlanta, Ga., writes: If the Louisville Cardinals win the Big East and go to the Orange Bowl, do you see them pulling off an upset and winning or do you see them falling under the pressure and losing. Also, where do you see the Big East in the next three years?

Adelson: It is too early to make predictions on what would happen in a BCS game. We don't even know who Louisville would be playing. Louisville seems to be much more focused on the road, so that would help. But this is a really young team, so Charlie Strong is going to have to work extra hard to get them to stay focused. And stay out of the video game suite. As for the Big East, where the league stands depends largely on what happens with the BCS. I cannot give an accurate assessment of the future of this league without knowing what happens to the automatic qualifying status moving forward.

Ernest Brooks in New York writes: Your Big East Power Rankings are a joke. Louisville at No. 5? Please. Louisville is not only going to win the Big East but they are going to be the Big East representative in the BCS. Remember me when it comes to fruition. Go Cards!

Adelson: Louisville fans have come out en masse to rip me for the power rankings this week. Unfortunately, these are not power rankings involving conference play only. They are power rankings involving the entire season. Louisville is on a hot streak now, including big wins over West Virginia and Rutgers. But the Cardinals also have five losses, including one two weeks ago to Pitt. So somebody has to explain to me how the Cardinals deserve to be higher than 1) teams with a better record and 2) the team that just beat them. All explanations are welcome!