The Big East's desperation move

Andrea Adelson writes about the Big East's marriage of (in)convenience:

After months of stops and starts, haggling and convincing, number crunching and negotiating, the new and improved Big East is here.

In possibly the most preposterous conference realignment scenario we have seen yet, the Big East was forced to reach all the way to Idaho and California to save itself.

You thought Missouri to the SEC was a stretch? How about a school based a little over 3,000 miles away from the Big East office in Providence, R.I.?

The Big East had little choice but to add Houston, SMU, Central Florida and football-only members Boise State and San Diego State. After Pitt, Syracuse, TCU and West Virginia bolted the conference, the league had to do something to remain viable. That meant stretching itself, making Boise State its No. 1 priority to help boost its football profile. Boise State needed a West partner -- hello, San Diego State.

And the Big East's latest addition may just be buying the conference some time. Adelson:

Simply put, these moves are more of a stopgap measure and less of a stabilizing force. Once the conference seas start shifting again, you can bet some of the current members are going to want to jump as quickly as Pitt, Syracuse, West Virginia and TCU did.

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