Petersen: Big East move helps Boise brand

Boise State coach Chris Petersen had a chance to make some of his first public comments since the Broncos joined the Big East, talking about the move during a media availability at the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas.

According to The Idaho Statesman, Petersen said this of the switch to the Big East: "It’s going to help the Boise brand.

“We’re kind of that unique program anyway that we’ve got these unique pockets [of fans] all over the country and so now we’re going to take our team there. That’s something. I think the TV situation is going to be much different than we’re in now.”

As for the travel, Petersen said, "It will be a little bit of an inconvenience, but there’s always an inconvenience somehow, some way, with whoever you play."

Boise State will have to travel all the way to the East Coast at least twice a year, but that does not seem to be a major issue. Petersen alluded to the TV situation, and he is absolutely right. The Mountain West is stuck on Versus and CBS Sports Network. The Big East is expected to land on a national network whenever it begins to negotiate its new media rights deal.