Lack of elite speed won't hurt Sanu

There has been much debate about where Rutgers receiver Mohamed Sanu will end up in the NFL draft. He had appeared in one version of Mel Kiper's mock draft in the first round; others tab him as a second-round choice.

Scouts Inc. seems to be in the second-round camp. But Steve Muench makes an interest point in his latest NFL draft blog entry. With the NFL combine coming up, much will once again be made of 40 times, agility drills, bench presses and Wonderlic tests. But Muench points out that sometimes too much emphasis is placed on a 40 time.

Muench notes five players who probably who won't be hurtInsider in the draft because they lack elite-level speed. Sanu makes his list. Of Sanu, Muench writes:

Sanu's longest catch in 2011 went for just 32 yards, and he doesn't project as a vertical threat at the next level. On the other hand, he caught a Big East-record 115 passes and has all the tools teams look for in a No. 2 receiver. He's big enough to line up on the outside, knows how to get open underneath and has above-average ball skills.

Sanu doesn't have blazing speed, but anybody who has watched him play knows that he is an amazing possession receiver with great hands and prototypical size (6-foot-2, 215 pounds). For this reason, many experts keep pointing to the Houston Texans as a good fit for Sanu. He would present the perfect complement to No. 1 receiver Andre Johnson.