Afternoon links: Mystery injury at UConn? Is Mompremier done?

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

Better than your afternoon pick-me-up cup of coffee. It's links time.

For the second day in a row, Connecticut coach Randy Edsall mentioned that a player on the team is dealing with an ankle injury without revealing the player's name, Desmond Conner reports in the Hartford Courant. As Conner notes, Edsall likely wouldn't be using this secrecy if it weren't somebody important. UConn fans just have to hope it's not Donald Brown.

Conner also has a nice feature on Moe Petrus, one of my preseason breakout candidates.
* The Tampa Tribune talked to injured South Florida linebacker Brouce Mompremier, and it doesn't sound as if Mompremier is coming back anytime soon, if at all.

"Let me put it this way: if they said I could play today, I wouldn't even know how to hit anybody right now," Mompremier told Tribune correspondent Gregg Becnel on Tuesday. "You see a lot of players get hurt like I did, and I don't want to end up like that Ball State player."

That Ball State player, senior WR Dante Love, broke his spine and sustained a spinal cord injury Saturday against Indiana, a few hours after Mompremier's injury. Love had five hours of surgery and can move his arms and legs, but BSU officials said Love will not play again.

Mompremier's injury wasn't as severe -- his did not require surgery and doctors said he did not suffer any serious spinal injuries -- but it was still terrifying. Mompremier was momentarily unconscious, and he initially couldn't lift his legs.

* The similarities between Dave Wannstedt and Greg Robinson are striking, Paul Zeise writes in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Both are ultra-conservative, defense-first guys with NFL backgrounds. And both have struggled in their first college head coaching jobs. Neither has had a winning season or a bowl trip; in fact, Syracuse and Pitt are the only two teams in the Big East who haven't gone bowling in the last three years. True, but one has a moustache.

* Also in the Post-Gazette, Chuck Finder says West Virginia kicker Pat McAfee had another nightmare few days after missing a field goal in overtime at Colorado. It was all too similar to last year's experience in the Pittsburgh loss.

Same as with the post-Pitt reaction, McAfee received hate e-mail and missives from angry Web slingers. This time, though, there was no vandalism against his car, no threats.

"There are still some idiots," McAfee said. "There are some people I'd like to run into in person. If people are going to act the way they act, it's kind of sad. Oh, well."

Seriously, people, you don't have better things to do than to harass a college kicker?