Playoffs? Did somebody say playoffs?

The topic of a potential playoff in college football made its way back into the news this week when SEC commissioner Mike Slive said he was open to using home sites for a playoff.

The Big Ten has also considered the idea.

There has been a growing interest in a potential plus-one model to replace the current BCS after the 2013 season. But there is still much work to be done if we are headed in that direction. Will there only be a four-team playoff? How do the bowls get incorporated? Are home sites the best option? Should a playoff be limited to conference champions only, as Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott suggests?

I pose these questions to you after I opened the mailbag and had this comment from Kit Heston in Henderson, Nev.:

How much of a commotion would you generate if you requested 'your readers' to send in suggestions as to how have a successful college playoff using the guidelines from both the commissioners of the Pac-12 and the B1G? Someone over here in never never land may submit the perfect solution, if we had a way to present to the commissioners and the university presidents.

So go forth, and cause a commotion. Give me your best ideas, either in the mailbag or the comments section. I will post your thoughts next week. And who knows, some of these presidents and commissioners might just be reading.

"There is growing sentiment to do something," Georgia president Michael Adams told Andy Staples of SI.com. "Now, whether the commissioners will land on a four-team or an eight-team sort of depends on which one of them you ask, but I just don't think you can continue to ignore the fans who pay the bill for all of this."