Big East mailblog

Before I open up the mailbag, I must apologize for a little gaffe I made last week. Rutgers is indeed a state school. Sometimes the brain has a few senior moments.

Now on to some questions.

Dave in Charlotte writes: What do you make of Rutgers asking for financial relief? I seriously doubt the Big East will pay anything (unless they do it across the board), and I'm sure RU knows this. Are they just laying the groundwork in case they get an invitation to a BCS conference?

Adelson: I have seen a lot of the fans speculate about this being a reason. My reaction to that is a simple one. If Rutgers is laying some sort of groundwork, I think there is a preponderance of evidence to support a move regardless of losing a home game because of realignment. I just think Rutgers is unhappy it lost a home game because of TCU and perhaps believes the Big East should have done more to hold the Horned Frogs more accountable. Rutgers was put into a terrible position, no question. But so was everybody else in the Big East. Cincinnati opted to get a second game against an FCS opponent for a seventh home game. Rutgers could have done the same. But instead, the Scarlet Knights went with a scheduled a home-and-home with Arkansas. I have a hard time feeling bad for Rutgers because it is getting a marquee game against an SEC opponent, with a return home game. I don't think that is such a bad outcome. In fact, I think it is better than what every other league team did to plug that TCU hole. Rutgers now has a chance to play a highly ranked SEC team, both on the road and at home. That is publicity it would never have gotten with TCU in the mix or a second FCS home game.

Marc in Binghamton writes: I like how you sing the praises of Cincinnati's schedule. Miami of Ohio, come on. Check out Syracuse's schedule this year. Now that's a hard schedule.

Adelson: Darn straight it is. In case you missed it, I here is my evaluation of Syracuse's schedule from last month.

SDSU Alum in Huntington Beach, Calif., writes: Dear Andrea, there are some mummers that the Aztecs are having a hard time selling the Big East to potential recruits and there still is no buzz outside of playing Boise State each year among the community. I'm starting to doubt that this was a good move for us, nothing against the Big East, but it is not seen football wise in the best light out here and others view it on par with the MWC. What is your opinion on this and how long do you see SDSU in the Big East especially with the potential changes to the BCS?

Adelson: Sounds like San Diego State fans have the same concerns as a few Boise State fans. I realize the Big East is going to look radically different, but I still think it's a better league than whatever is going to be left of the Mountain West. Without Boise State, TCU, Utah and BYU -- how strong is that league? The television money is going to be better, and so is the exposure. I understand why San Diego State fans are feeling apprehensive. I understand why players might be skeptical. They are not going to have easy road trips for their families to go watch them play. That is one of the downsides in realignment that I feel has not been emphasized enough. I can't put a timetable on how long the current configuration of the Big East is going to stay together. But I still believe, given the current landscape, San Diego State had to make this move.

Justin in Frankfort, Ky., writes: I watched your preview of the wide receiver position in the Big East and was curious to why no mention of the talent that Louisville has at that position. DeVante Parker, Michaelee Harris and Eli Rogers and Andrell Smith. All contributed last year.

Adelson: I focused more on receivers with a big opportunity to step up this season, or players fans might not know just yet. It was not meant as a slight to Louisville. I like the potential of this receiving group because of all the talent returning. While I framed the video by asking who is going to step up, I concentrated mostly on some of the underachieving groups last season or the teams losing their best players. I didn't think Louisville fit that category.