Your vote: Best defense in 2012

Now we move on to your pick for the best defense in the Big East in 2012.

Over 1,600 of you participated in my highly unscientific poll and chose Rutgers, with 37 percent of the vote. The "other" category was next with 23 percent, while Louisville got 20 percent of the vote. Remember, our polls only allow for five choices, which is why I included "other." I wanted to hear your take on the other teams in the league who could have the best defense.

My preseason choice is Rutgers, then Louisville. With all the returning starting talent the Scarlet Knights have, expectations are high for this team to build on last year's No. 1 defense.

And for the record, Rutgers was tops in the polls for best offense and defense in 2012.

Here is what you had to say:

VDScales: PITT's defense played better the last 6 games of the season and was 4th (350 total yardds) in the Big East. Going back to the defense they all were recruited to play. I see the defense being better than last year without a doubt, if not 1st in total D, 3rd as the worst!

AnthonyV6292: If the Rutgers coaches can get the play-calling right this year, the Scarlet Knights have a GREAT chance of winning their first Big East title this year. GO KNIGHTS!!!!!

Snubbed1: L'ville gets the nod on this one, only because of the coaching change at RU, otherwise it's a push between the 2 at this point.

CardsFanTX: Louisville. No new coaches to break in and tons of talent all over the field on defense. Rutgers will have a great D, too, but I think they'll miss (Greg) Schiano this first year.

CMerr: I think this new coach thing is way overblown. They were adamant about continuity in the hiring and I don't think they would have hired anyone who didn't have the same defensive and offensive philosophies as the previous coaches. I'm not saying RU is gonna go down and beat Arkansas, but it won't take a whole season for the team to get acclimated to the change. They should be ready to by the time the BE season begins.

CtThunder10: I'm not saying that Uconn will have the BEST D next year, Nor am I saying that we will be as bad as last year.. I'm being very optimistic when saying that UCONN will be in the Top 4 of the League for O and D.....

Bryand85: UConn will dominate next season. Thy return the most of any team on defense. Blidi (Wreh-Wilson) will be back at full strength to lead a secondary that saw a lot of time last year. Sio Moore is leading a much deeper linebacking core than last season. Also we return 3 great DEs in (Trevardo) Williams, (Teddy) Jennings and (Jesse) Joseph. The beast, Shamar Stephens at 6-5 and 317 lbs, will replace (Kendall) Reyes on the line. Shamar already has a lot of experience in the middle starting for Reyes as a freshman when he moved outside. As long as they stay healthy, no one will be throwing for 400 yards on us anytime soon.