USF depth chart shows talent at WR

The first USF spring depth chart perfectly illustrates how much talent and depth the Bulls have at receiver.

Rising sophomore Andre Davis is listed ahead of Sterling Griffin, the leading returning receiver. Ruben Gonzalez is listed ahead of Deonte Welch, who finished second on the team in receiving last season. Those two moves came as mild surprises, though the first scrimmage heavily influenced the chart and is no doubt subject to change.

Still, thinking about all the talent has to be exciting for USF fans. Add in Victor Marc and Terrence Mitchell into the slot, and there are quite a number of possibilities for playmakers to rise.

When I met with offensive coordinator Todd Fitch last week, he was confident he had a complete two-deep with which to go into the season.

"The top five or six guys that have played for us have picked up where they left off," Fitch said. "All of them have gotten better. I think Andre Davis has made a stride where he was a flash guy last year, but now he has gotten stronger. He's become more physical. I've seen him become more consistent, which is good to see. Terrence Mitchell, we moved him more to the slot, which has been a great move for us. He has really done a nice job; that was a good move. We've got our people in better spots now. Having him in the slot with Victor Marc gives us two pretty good matchups on the inside defenders."

USF also has Florida transfer Chris Dunkley, currently listed on the third team.

"Chris Dunkley is a guy who has been talked about a bunch," Fitch said. "He's having to learn the system, but every day he's gotten better. He's not a finished product. He's not where we want him. He's not where he wants to be, which is maybe a good thing. For the first time in his life he's realizing, 'I have to do things this way to have success.'

"Overall, I've been pleased. There's great competition. If we stay healthy, we'll have two deep to go out and play."