Temple's rise a story of survival

How did Temple go from 0-11 in 2005 to Big East member in 2012? Andrea Adelson looks at Temple's miraculous turnaround:

Temple athletic director Bill Bradshaw made his case, explaining to a blue ribbon university panel why the school should keep its struggling football program.

Ignore the past results, the winless seasons, the expulsion from the Big East, he urged.

Instead, look at the possibilities. Playing football in a major city, in a state-of-the-art stadium at Lincoln Financial Field, and the potential to win with a renewed commitment and steady leadership.

Bradshaw made his most compelling argument. Now came the vote on the future of Temple football.

That winter day in 2004 started badly.

First vote in: No.

Second vote in: No.

Third vote in: No.

One of those "nay" votes belonged to the school president.

Bradshaw started to shift in his seat. The confidence he'd had going into the vote turned into uncertainty.

"Talk about being down early in the game," Bradshaw said in a recent interview with ESPN.com.

In the end, Temple football survived.

By one vote.

That was not exactly a full-fledged vote of support, but Bradshaw was beyond elated. Not even in all that euphoria could he have known that eight short years later, the Owls would have engineered a historic turnaround.

Even more improbably, they are back in the Big East. As an all-sports member, no less.

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