Mohamed Sanu subject of prank call

You can hardly blame former Rutgers receiver Mohamed Sanu if he is a little more skeptical when answering his phone tonight during the NFL draft.

What happened to him Thursday is downright unconscionable. Sanu was the subject of a prank call during the first round. The caller identified himself as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals staff, and told Sanu they would be drafting him. He and his draft party celebrated. Then Kevin Zeitler's name flashed on the screen.

We pick up the story from AFC North blogger Jamison Hensley:

Someone thought it would be funny to "punk" Sanu on one of the biggest days of his football career.

Agent Mike McCartney told ESPN's Andrew Brandt that he called the number, which Sanu got off his Caller ID, but the person on the other end of the line showed little remorse, saying it was "just a practical joke." But this was no laughing matter. This was cruel and mean spirited.

You guys know how I feel about Sanu. He is a class guy, and a great football player. Here's hoping the right phone call comes his way tonight.