Big East spending, revenue figures

USA Today has come out with its thorough annual study into expenses and revenues at every single Division I public school, and the results are not all that surprising.

Only 22 schools among all Division I public schools operate in the black, generating enough revenue to cover all athletics expenses. UConn and Louisville are the only two Big East schools that fit that category among the six public league schools that provided information to the news organization.

According to USA Today, revenue generated across all schools increased by $190 million. But spending across 227 public schools in Division I rose by $267 million from a year ago. Subsidies across all schools also have grown. Rutgers receives the greatest help among the Big East schools when it comes to subsidies, at 47.3 percent of its revenue. West Virginia was the only Big East school getting less than 10 percent of its revenues from subsidies.

Check out the interactive database to see where your school stands. Syracuse (private) and Pitt (state exemption) are not included.