Big East coaches give preferred BCS model

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -- One of the big topics discussed during the football coaches meetings at the Big East spring meetings was how they want the future BCS to look.

The consensus from the Big East coaches: They would like to see bowl sites incorporated for the semifinals, have no problem with a neutral-site national championship game, and want preference given to conference champions.

With talk about a four-team playoff growing, and the next BCS meetings scheduled for June, each conference is taking various proposals to their administrators and coaches for further evaluation. Big East athletic directors will weigh in on the future BCS during discussions Tuesday.

"In college football, it’s different than college basketball. We don’t play nearly as many games. Winning your conference should matter," Rutgers coach Kyle Flood said. "It should stand for something. Not that there wouldn’t be a place for a team in an at-large situation. But at the end of the day, winning your conference should have some value."

Added Cincinnati coach Butch Jones: "The first thing is preserving the bowl system. So much of it is a reward to our student-athletes and our universities and to our fans and it’s embedded in college football. But also it's good having a playoff to crown a national champion. So to be able to have the semifinals in the bowl games, that helps solidify that, but also having a neutral site for the national championship game would be extremely healthy for the world of college football."

As for the Big East's place in the future of the BCS, senior associate commissioner Nick Carparelli believes there will be a seat for the league in the future despite talk about the league not being a part of the largest BCS revenue generators.

"Everything that’s being discussed at some level is going to include the performance of the teams in each conference," Carparelli said. "If you look historically at the number of teams we’ve had ranked, revenue-wise, we’ll do fine. Some conference may end up making more revenue than others but it’s probably deserved. And in the end, the pool of money is going to be so much greater this time around, we feel pretty confident we’ll have an increase in revenue we will be getting."