Big East spring meetings recap

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -- Here is a quick recap of what was on the agenda during the Big East spring meetings Monday.

Television negotiations were front and center for the athletic directors, who heard from consultants about how to position the league to best maximize TV revenue. Representatives from several networks are interested in bidding on media rights. There are no estimates just yet for what the Big East will command on the open market, but the hope is that having several parties interested will boost the value.

And for those curious, all Big East athletic directors met together.

Football coaches also heard a plan laid out from interim commissioner Joe Bailey about future positioning of the league, particularly when it comes to television rights. They also have a consensus on a future BCS format, and heard about officiating changes and NCAA legislative matters.

Senior associate commissioner Nick Carparelli also addressed a few topics, specifically bowl tie-ins and how the Big 12-SEC bowl partnership affects the Big East.

On the new Big 12-SEC bowl pairing: "Personally, I think the notion that two conferences agreeing to play each other in one bowl game is going to change intercollegiate athletics forever is a little bit preposterous, a little bit of an overreaction. But that’s the business we’re in. Football is so wildly popular, people like to talk about it. At the end of the day, I don’t know where that game will be played. It could be played in the Cotton Bowl. They already play in the Cotton Bowl. How would that be different? We have to see what happens with the BCS. Is it a three-bowl system and that’s it? Or are the semifinals and finals part of a bigger system that includes other non-championship games?"

On securing a bowl tie-in to a BCS game, he said, "Our entire bowl lineup is important but it starts at the top. When it all shakes out, we’re going to have a high quality champion so I feel confident we’ll find a home for our champion."

On the agenda Tuesday: divisional alignment and a championship-game format. Carparelli said several plans for divisions will be presented. The hope is for a preferred format to emerge, with a final vote on the alignment in Newport, R.I., later this summer.