Qualities in the next Big East commissioner?

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -- There are plenty of questions surrounding the Big East headed into the summer. One, of course, is who will be the next commissioner?

I took a quick sampling from a few Big East coaches to see what they want in the next leader of the league. Here are a few responses:

Skip Holtz, USF: Somebody that’s going to have the vision, the leadership, the communication to do what’s in the best interest of this league moving forward. I’m excited. From a selfish standpoint, you’d like to have somebody with a football background … but I don’t think that’s what’s going to be mandated or required. I’m just looking for somebody with the leadership skills and strength to come in and run this league and do what’s in the best interest of the members involved.

Butch Jones, Cincinnati: Leadership. Vision, and also it’s, to be proactive. We have great institutions within the Big East Conference. We have a great philosophy on and off the field, with the institutions involved and where we are with the TV market, it’s a great product. We’re more competitive now than we have ever been. We made great additions to the league. Moving forward, that’s what you see.

Kyle Flood, Rutgers: I think the most important thing to me and to our football program at Rutgers is whoever ultimately ends up in that job becomes a vocal advocate for our conference. So whatever issues we decide in our conference, you want somebody who is going to have strong opinions based on the consensus of the people in the conference. And then have the ability to work with the other commissioners and work with the bowl representatives and the TV executives to get the best deal done for everybody.