Ultimate Big East Road Trip: Week 11

Time to move on in my Ultimate Road Trip series. For those just tuning in, I am selecting the games I would choose to see each and every week this season. My editors usually do that for me. But if the scheduling were up to me, this is where I would want to go.

With only a month left in the regular season, these final few games are going to be hugely important toward determining the Big East champ. These picks could look really good or really strange when November finally arrives.

Here is the Week 11 schedule:

Fri., Nov. 9

  • Pitt at UConn

Sat., Nov. 10

  • Cincinnati at Temple

  • Louisville at Syracuse

  • Army at Rutgers

My pick: Stay home. Let's be honest here. You guys know I am not on the road every single week of the regular season. There are certain weeks where none of the games scream, 'Come and see me!' This is one of those weeks. Looks like there are a bunch of turkeys on the schedule a few weeks before Thanksgiving. With a stretch run to get ready for, it makes sense to be able to watch the games from home, recharge the batteries and then head out on the road for the final few weeks of the season.

As I said at the top, these games could really mean something once Week 11 arrives. For right now, it just does not appear that way. There are only a few intriguing story lines -- Pitt running back Ray Graham has to face the team that ended his season last year; Cincinnati and Temple play for the first time since 2003 -- when the Owls were in the Big East and Cincinnati was in C-USA; Louisville has beaten Syracuse three straight; Rutgers has beaten Army eight straight.

The Week 12 schedule is much more interesting, and I can already tell I am going to have a tough time making a choice. Tune in Wednesday to see what I select.

Here are my previous choices: