Could football get recruiting changes next?

Could a recent recruiting rules change in Division I men's basketball ultimately come to football?

Men's hoops coaches are now allowed to send unlimited text messages and make unlimited phone calls to prospective student-athletes who are heading into their junior seasons of high school. Coaches will also be allowed to send private messages through social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Until the recent change, there had been limits in place on the number of text messages and phone calls coaches could make to recruits. Now that the rule change has been adopted in men's basketball, football could be next in line.

American Football Coaches Association executive director Grant Teaff said the group will continue to lobby the NCAA for the change to come to his sport.

"Finally, common sense has won over," Teaff said in a statement released Friday. "The AFCA has been working with the NCAA to allow football coaches to get unlimited text messaging and phone calls to recruits for the past few years and we will continue to work towards the goal that Division I basketball coaches have achieved."