Your vote: Best QB in the Big East will be ...

With Geno Smith off to the Big 12, the Big East is left without a marquee player at the quarterback position for 2012.

So who is going to emerge as the best of the best in the league?

I asked you last week, and you responded in a big way. With over 2,600 votes cast, Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is the hands-down winner of my highly unscientific poll. Bridgewater received 41 percent of the vote, far outpacing USF quarterback B.J. Daniels, who received 21 percent.

The "other designation" received 16 percent of the vote, then Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib, with Cincinnati quarterback Munchie Legaux in the fifth spot. I have been on the record as saying I think this is the year for Daniels to break out and have his best season yet, much to the chagrin of Louisville fans.

Let's see what you all have to say.

CardsFanTX writes: Sophomore Slump? Please, that's for chumps. This kid is way too skilled and has exactly the right unflappable, steady disposition for that position. He's special. Just prepare to sit back and watch him play the game like you only wish your QB could.

Withrowsp writes: That is kind of the question I have about Teddy Bridgewater. Sometimes freshmen show great promise only to fall a little flat in year two. Other times they prove to be the real deal and just keep getting better. Which will he be?

Bullology writes: I expect both (Bridgewater and Daniels) to improve. But with USF WR's and BJs experience I expect him to perform better on the field next year. I think Teddy may be a better QB overall in his 4th year though. Only time will tell.

GoBullsRespectAll writes: Regarding the BJ Daniels/TEDDY HEISMAN!™ debate, you could make a good argument either way. Although BJ Daniels had a lot of improvement last year from the previous one, I'm still hesitant to pick him as the top QB in the BE. It just seems like something will happen to crush my dreams, as is typical with USF. However, I would like to point out one softer point. Not long ago, the argument was Daniels vs. (Tom) Savage and we saw how that worked out for Savage in the end. This past season, it was Daniels vs. (Tino) Sunseri and, for a variety of reasons, Sunseri didn't exactly have the greatest season. Now, the debate is Daniels vs. Bridgewater. Daniels is already 2-0. Just sayin'.

BearcatTuba writes: I am going to put this out there ... but I think Munchie will be a top 3 QB this year. I know this is off of potential, but he showed improvement in the last 2 games of the season and he was making throws that I didn't think he could do. Let's keep in mind that the guy also threw maybe 4 passes before that WVU game. He isn't going to be the best, but I really believe he is going to impress a lot you this year.

saltine5 writes: Nassib got more votes than Munchie Legaux, but not as many as "Other." Ryan, if you read this, take note, and show them what you've got this year.

Bob2621 writes:

1. Bridgewater - most talented

2. Nassib - most experienced good decision maker

3. Chs Dodd / Gary Nova - experienced and serviceable

4. Daniels - physically gifted but a head case and loses confidence

5. Sunseri - senior and should finally do something, anything

6. Legaux - From what I saw last year not a Big East QB yet

7. Whoever starts at UConn - Has to hit something besides a garbage can

8. Whoever the QB is at Temple - Will be on his back all year.

Temple quarterback Chris Coyer got some love in the "other" category. Just so everybody knows, I only have slots for five choices, so I could not list every quarterback in the league. I wanted to see some write-in votes for the other possibilities.

jjm2189 writes: Chris Coyer hasn't lost as a starter, and generated more yards per play than any QB in the nation last year. He makes good decisions, and this season he'll have a lot of options.