Remaining questions for a playoff

Earlier today, you saw my take on the good news and bad news for the Big East in a future four-team playoff.

My ESPN.com colleague Mark Schlabach goes over some unanswered questions this afternoon, and specifically addresses a few that relate to the Big East.

How will the money be divided? Schlabach writes:

The top five conferences -- ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC -- will undoubtedly receive the largest share of the purse. The Big East, which lost TCU and West Virginia to the Big 12 this year and will lose Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the ACC in 2014, will probably receive a much smaller share than what it earns in the current BCS system.

What about teams from outside the big conferences? I painted a worst-case scenario in my post, full of skepticism that a selection committee would not be able to overlook conference affiliation or strength of schedule when choosing the four teams to make a playoff. Schlabach has a different take:

The commissioners were very diligent in making sure each of the 11 FBS conferences would have access to playing in the semifinals and other BCS games. They eliminated "AQ" and "non-AQ" status at a meeting in April, so teams from any of the 11 conferences would be eligible to be selected for the playoffs by the committee. The commissioners are also considering adding at least one more BCS bowl (and possibly two) to create more at-large berths for teams from outside the bigger conferences.

Remember, the Big East does not have an automatic tie-in to the current BCS games. Creating a few more at-large slots help in getting to some of the more prestigious bowl games, but that really does not have much to do with the chances of getting into a four-team playoff.