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Welcome to your midweek mailblog. What is on your minds?

Jake in Elmont, N.Y., writes: The Tom Savage situation has to be the most unfortunate I have ever seen regarding a player's decision making. If he would have stuck it out at Rutgers, he would probably be starting for a very good team this upcoming season. Now he may never see the field again even if he is allowed to play. What a shame for a very talented player.

Zeeshan in Providence, R.I., writes: Great work on the blog, Andrea. As a longtime Rutgers fan, I genuinely feel bad for Tom Savage. The kid was an excellent team player and did so much to elevate the image of Rutgers while he was here (he was even promoting Rutgers prior to enrolling officially at the school). I hope that he gets a chance at Pitt, he definitely deserves it. Second part: any chance we have a solid consensus on who the quarterback will be this year for Rutgers?

Andrea Adelson: I feel for Savage as well, but he is a big boy and made these decisions on his own. Did he get bad advice about leaving Rutgers? It certainly appears that way. I also believe he would be the starter this year had he stuck around, and that may have made Rutgers the preseason favorite to win the Big East. But Savage has been on the record as saying he has no regrets over the path his career has taken. I wish him the best of luck at Pitt and hopes he gets to play again.

Justin in Cincinnati writes: Everything that I have been hearing is that there will be five top conferences. What happens to the Big East? Are we now joined into the conversation of Conference USA, MAC or other small conferences? What is the Big East doing to try keep it at six top conferences during the BCS talks?

Adelson: I am afraid there is not much the Big East can do at this point, as it has been made pretty clear the league will no longer be in the same revenue category as the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12 Pac-12 and ACC in the future playoff. There has been no determination made just yet on how revenues will be split, but nearly every commissioner has said the Big East is on the outside looking in. What happens to the Big East? I still think the league will be ahead of C-USA, the MAC and all the rest when it comes to perception, and maybe even revenue. Again, that has yet to be determined. But this is a league that has struggled with an identity for years, and realignment has not helped matters. That being said, a four-team playoff does present more points of access for the Big East than the BCS system. Having four slots open is better than two. You have to then hope national perception doesn't weigh heavily on a selection committee making the final decisions. As the old cliche goes, perception is reality. Big East fans know that all too well.

Rocky Batulan in Fresno, Calif., writes: Hi Andrea, just wanted to say hope you are having a great summer so far! With Boise State will undecided, I think they should just stick to the Mountain West, don't you agree?

Adelson: Great to hear from you again, Rocky! The sun just peeked out of the clouds in what has been a rainy summer so far. As for Boise State, I still think the best move is to the Big East. I don't think there is anything wrong with waiting until the clock runs out before formally withdrawing. It's semantics. I think there is concern that there will be less revenue from the new BCS/TV deals that Boise State once thought would be there. But even if it is, I still think the total number will be more than can be gained in the Mountain West. Now, if Boise State cannot find a home for its other sports, it may not have a choice. But I think Boise State intends to play football in the Big East.

Vicocala in Ocala, Fla., writes: As we move into the final week in the conference I would like to express my appreciation to the Big East and to the posters here. Thank you, Big East for providing our teams homes over the last couple of decades. It has been a great ride. National Championship hopes, both football and basketball, BCS games and tough competition have come to be the expectation. My thanks to the posters here for all of your insight, loyalty to your teams, all of the laughs and joys of being football fans gathering to enjoy their favorite sport. Thank you, AA for your coverage it is greatly appreciated. It has been a heck of a tailgate. Thank you again and the best of wishes to all of your programs. We have all been through a lot. You are family.

Adelson: I already miss West Virginia! For those who have continually asked over the past several months, the official West Virginia/Temple switch will be made Monday. That means the logos and links on the right rail of this page will feature Temple instead of West Virginia.

Anonymous in Honolulu writes: I read your story about the upcoming deadline for Boise State and the MWC on July 1 with great interest. Here is a parallel angle that I would like to get more information about. Has San Diego State filed their official withdrawal paperwork with the MWC? If they did not, then does SDSU stay in the MWC if BSU decides to stay in the MWC?

Adelson: San Diego State has filed its paperwork to withdraw from the Mountain West. I realize there are mounting concerns for San Diego State fans, who wonder whether this move is in the best interest of the program. If Boise State never makes it to the Big East, then there is no way San Diego State is left alone holding the bag. But I still think both want to play football in the Big East and stand to gain more money that way.