Big East mailblog: Penn State impact

Let's take a gander into the mailbag.

Joe in Brooklyn, N.Y., writes: Andrea, can you please tell us how Penn State's vacated wins may change Big East records for teams and coaches?

Andrea Adelson: Good question, Joe. They don't change anything. Penn State simply won't be allowed to count the games they won as victories.

Rob in Morristown, N.J., writes: Andrea, I'm not going to hide it, I'm a Penn State alumni, fan and football season ticket holder...but I read your big east blog daily, living the the big east footprint and attending Rutgers games as well. I have to be honest, I was very much disgusted that you posted an article questioning what Penn State players might transfer to Big East Schools...I understand that the NCAA has given the authority to schools to reach out and that some players may decide to play elsewhere, but to actually post an article so soon after the Penn State community was dealt these sanctions (yes its not just the football program being affected) is in poor taste in my opinion, I have to ask the questions...what benefit do you see current Penn State Players being afforded by transferring to a Big East School? Playing in low tier bowl games? OK...Playing for a National Championship? Not a chance, none will be going all the way out to Boise State. Playing in front of 70,000 to 100,000 fan stadiums on national TV each week? Doubtful. Playing in a conference that wishes it was treated like the ACC and had any national relevance? Please explain which schools can still offer the national exposure and Grooming for the NFL by a former NFL Championship Winning Coordinator against top notch competition, week in and week out that Penn State can still offer to these players? You can also throw in which Big East school can (according to USA Today's Nationally recognized "Best College" Rankings) give these players a better educational opportunity. NONE!

Adelson: I am sorry you are disgusted with the blog post. But perhaps you should place your disgust on those who allowed such horrifying crimes to go on for so long without acting. The simple fact is that this became a news story when players were given free cards to transfer. Rather than lash out at me, maybe lash out at the coaches that already have reached out to coach Bill O'Brien about the possibility of player transfers. O'Brien said Wednesday on ESPN Radio that Syracuse coach Doug Marrone is one of them. USC is reportedly making a play at Silas Redd. I don't think there is anything wrong with laying out transfer ground rules and how the Big East may be impacted. I should also tell you that many Big East fans asked about the possibility of landing players, so I decided to answer with one post.

James in Philadelphia writes: I have a question -- will you get an interview with Montel Harris? Or will the coach at Temple ever give any story on him and let us know if he really is ready to put in the work this year?

Adelson: Our first opportunity to ask coach Steve Addazio about him will be next week at Big East media day, and I am sure he will be happy to answer our questions because this addition is huge for the Owls. As for Harris, I am told he will be available when practice begins Aug. 4.

Kevin in Northern New Jersey writes: Andrea, with all the changes in AQ, and conference realignment and such, what if anything does the Big East gain through their agreement with Notre Dame and what do they stand to lose by giving them an ultimatum to join or find a new conference?

Adelson: I understand the Big East fan frustration over Notre Dame because the Irish are just sitting out there like an oasis in the desert. The Irish are never going to join for football, so does that mean the Big East should kick 'em out? Football obviously is king and where all the money is generated these days, but there is benefit from the Olympic side, particularly in men's and women's basketball. The Big East basketball tournament is a huge draw from a TV perspective, and you can bet Notre Dame is a big reason why it will remain that way, with Pitt, Syracuse and West Virginia gone. The TV dollars pale in comparison to football, but having Notre Dame in the picture brings in more income than if the Big East decided to tell them to hit the highway.

Adam J in Silver Spring, Md., writes: Andrea, in reading your blog about first year coaches, specifically about Coach (Kyle) Flood, while he does not have the experience calling plays, you might want to remember that Coach (Greg) Schiano had 11 years experience in calling plays, and the major gripe about him was that he had highly questionable playing calling during his tenure. The fact that Flood hasn't called a play doesn't necessarily mean he won't be good at it.

Adelson: I never said he wouldn't be good. I simply said there were more questions about Flood going into Year 1 than there were about Holgorsen. I think that is a fair assessment to make.

Ken in Arlington, Va., writes: Have not seen anyone write that Eric LeGrand played at Rutgers, the same school where Jimmy V played basketball from 1963-67. Jimmy was a classmate of mine and he was the same person then that he was later, inspiring, always happy and dynamic. Makes me proud to be an alum.

Adelson: What a terrific note to end the mailbag. Thanks for sharing, Ken!